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Services provided:
  • Buyers Kitsap Home Inspections
  • Sellers Kitsap Home Inspections
  • Well Inspections and Flow Well Flow Tests
  • New Kitsap Home Inspections

    Buyers Kitsap Home Inspections:

    Kitsap Home Inspections include a complete non-evasive inspection of the homes structural, basement, electrical, plumbing, hot water, heating, air conditioning, roof, gutters, chimney, exterior grade, windows, insulation, ventilation, kitchen, appliances, walls, ceilings, floors, attached garages and carports. As well as the related components. All Kitsap Home Inspections include a narrative, printed report, and typically 18-22pages in length with a summary page listing the inspection highlights and estimated repair costs. The Kitsap Home Inspection is performed to the exacting standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors. Reports are delivered within 24 hrs. of the inspection. We highly recommend that you attend the Kitsap Home Inspection!

    Sellers Kitsap Home Inspections:

    Seller's Kitsap Home Inspections, or prelisting inspections, are becoming more and more common. Seller's Kitsap Home Inspections: include all of the items included in a buyer's inspection. A homeowner can gain valuable information on any concerns that can be included upfront on the real estate listing or repaired prior to the sale. This gives the seller confidence in setting a price that won't need to be renegotiated after the buyer has his or her own Kitsap Home Inspection of the property.

    New Kitsap Home Inspections:

    New Kitsap Home Inspections include all of the items in our regular Kitsap Home Inspection. In Washington, a builder is required to give a one-year warranty to new homebuyers. A Kitsap Home Inspection can reveal any items that were missed, forgotten or defective and are still covered by the builders warranty. A Kitsap Home Inspection will help you budget by providing information on future maintenance needs.