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One of the most frequently asked questions when scheduling an inspection for a buyer is, “Is he very thorough?”  Isaac is extremely agile and able to crawl into and around crawlspaces that many inspectors simply can’t access.  He is a climber and actually enjoys climbing up on the roof to inspect it, he never uses binoculars to inspect the roof, as many inspectors do.  Isaac has been inspecting homes in Kitsap County since 2002 and has inspected over 700 homes, he understands how a home is built and he will educate you throughout the inspection.  He is patient and will not only explain the problems that may come up in a home, but will also teach you the proper way to care for and maintain your home to be sure it is running efficiently and increasing in value.
You will receive a custom & personal homeowners manual for your new home and will leave with a thorough understanding of the condition of the house.
Rest Assured Before You Buy ~ trust Isaac for the biggest investment of your life!