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Customer Testimonials

I was extremely impressed with his throughness, and he is very patient with all the questions I had and also gave me some very wonderful product info concerning the furnace and the filters ect. I will highly recommend him to any and all who needs a inspecition done. I really do a apprecitate the time he spent and getting the report so quickly was wonderful as well. I dont have anything negitive, only positive on the whole inspection.. thanks to you both.

Deb, Home Buyer

I have recommended the services of Isaac's as a Kitsap Home Inspector where I was the selling agent in a real estate transactions. The procedure that is followed is having the buyer and myself present when Isaac makes his inspection. Isaac after the inspection provides the buyer with a verbal review of his findings. Then within twenty-four hours, we receive a detailed written report with any photo's that Isaac may have taken. The most important service that Isaac performs is giving the buyer an opinion of the seriousness of any defective found. In the normal inspection, you will find both major and minor problems. Being able to distinguish between them is very important to proceed with the real estate transaction. Isaac's manner is very professional and his explanations to both the buyer and myself is understandable.

John Taylor, Windermere

I first started working with Isaac because he came so highly recommended for a buyer. He was absolutely incredible. He took his time going over each system and fixture ensuring the client had a full picture of what needed repairs, what to watch out for, and how to best maintain the home. Since then, I only recommend Isaac and one other inspector. He is the cream of the crop!

Shari Weber, Prudential

Isaac's inspection revealed a serious defect in the flashing and weather-proofing of a newly constructed home, saving the owners from a potentially serious situation involving water damage. The important side note is that 4 similar new homes had already been sold, and none of those inspectors found the flaw! Even the Building Department inspector missed it! The contractor was called back to fix all the homes, and they changed their blueprints to address future construction as well

Mark Larson, John L. Scott

As a lender, I know just how critical a role a Kitsap Home Inspector can play in the home buying process.
I rely on reports that offer information on the condition of the home, and those areas that are in need of repair. Isaac, at Assurance Kitsap Home Inspections not only calls attention to those areas that have deficiencies, but offers information on steps to correct the deficiencies. Whether a home owner is considering a conforming loan, or a loan to rehabilitate the property, the reports produced by Assurance are reliable and right to the point.

Carol Lindberg
Senior Mortgage Banker and Rehab Specialist

You did a great job with the inspection; both Jeff and I were very impressed. When we go to purchase another rental, you will definitely be our choice for a Kitsap Home Inspection.

Shannon Wells

Dear Isaac,

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on my inspection. Your thoroughness and attention to detail was greatly appreciated! Thanks again and take care,

Rachel C Brown

We have known Isaac Shumaker for many years and have found him to be an honest, hard-working and extremely knowledgeable young man. As a Realtor I try to surround myself with people I trust and my first choice for a Kitsap Home Inspector is Isaac. He gets the job done quickly while leaving the lines of communication open, in short he helps make me a better Realtor. I would (and do) recommend Isaac Shumaker, ASSURANCE KITSAP HOME INSPECTIONS, with confidence!

Penny & Ed Hannifan ~ Prudential NW

I have used Assurance Kitsap Home Inspections for several years. I recommend their services to all my home buyers. Isaac does an extremely thorough and professional job, and is always available for buyers or sellers to further educate/explain the issues on the inspection. An Assurance Kitsap Home Inspection on a newly purchased home is money well spent.

Meg Burkett, John L. Scott Real Estate
Meg Burkett John L. Scott - Poulsbo